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About Android Development Tutorial:

Android Development Tutorial from our professional trainers, assists to Learn Android Development. We provide best Android Training to learn Android development tutorial. Android development is the way by which new applications are created for the Android OS. Android development applications are usually developed in Java programming language by utilizing Android SDK, but other development environments are also available.

Android development tutorial provides a rich application framework that permits you to create new games and apps for mobile devices in a java language environment. Learn Android programming from our well qualified professional, they will provide you the different ways and new techniques to learn Android programming easily.

Why Learn Android Training?:

The android development training covers about Android applications that use audio, video, sqlite database, in order to post over Google Play. Android developer tutorial focuses on practical hands-on exercises and encourages open discussions on Android concepts for better understanding. Once you are finished with the Android development tutorial you will learn how to Utilize Android and Web tools and technologies, contributing code to the Android project, build and maintain scalable eCommerce APIs, Design, develop, and unit test applications, User-Interface design, Unit-test code for robustness and maximize development efficiency for android mobile.

Build advanced next generation mobile applications by enrolling in Android development tutorial from us. Our android development tutorial, classes and course modules have been organized by our android programming tutorial experts for students to have a great career as android developers. Learn android development and learn android programming from our experts. It takes a new beginning of your career with our Android programming tutorial. Android developer jobs are in raise and expect salaries are on average $85000 – $87742. After Android tutorial you will be in a position to develop Google Android apps.

Katalyst Global Solution’s Android Development tutorial essentially covers all the topics from basics to advance. You will learn about Android SDK, Third party libraries and API’S, latest emerging technologies; build advanced application, edge cases, bug fixing and how to improve application performance. Learn Android Development course and start integrating your business to work with new applications, our Android development training has proved to be the best in providing expertise Android programming tutorial. Android development tutorial for beginner program is designed by our experts. Register with Android development tutorial, quickly to grab the awesome career in android development training. Android development training is led by real time experts.

Android Development Programming Prerequisites:

  • Android development training or Android programming tutorial participants must have good analytical skills and better logic reasoning.
  • Basics of Core java is an essential for this Android development training

Android Tutorial Course Target:

  • Learn and Understand the Android OS architecture.
  • Learn Android application architecture, including the roles of the task activities, stack and services.
  • Learn Android development with real time examples.
  • Learn Android programming with real time experts.
  • Practice developed UI widgets for layout control, scrolling and
  • Install and practice appropriate tools for Android development, including a device emulator, IDE, and profiling tools.
  • Create user interfaces with fragments, views, form widgets, text input, lists, tables, and more.
  • Support user-specific preferences using the Android Preferences API.
  • Present menus via the Android action bar and handle menu selections.

Android programming tutorial Course Targeted Audience:

Android development classes is for professionals, who are interested in the creation of awesome apps for different communities across the world.

Android Tutorial Format:

  • Android programming Tutorial at Katalyst Global Solution will be a live interactive session.
  • Android programming programming or Android development tutorial will end with hands-on labs experience along with project completion. Learn Android development language course by professional trainers.
  • Android Development Certification can be obtained after successful completion of quiz and android development tutorial.

Lab Infrastructure:

Our Lab is fully equipped with latest infrastructure with Power 6 and IBM X-series dual Xeon Based servers, EMC clarion, Netapp Unified Storage, Brocade FC switches, Cisco FC switches, Cisco L4 switch, and all the servers are integrated with SAN. All the servers are monitored by Nagios monitoring agent with OTRS ticketing system. All the students will have an individual access to the servers through thin clients remotely. Students will be exposed to the real time scenarios through which they can get good exposure on the subject. To help the student in their practical sessions, there will be lab faculties available all the time and we even provide and assist with.

  • Resume Preparation
  • Placement Assistance
  • Android developer tutorial
  • Android development training videos

Companies Using Android Development:

A small list of MNCs who do hire Android Development professionals are Amazon Web Services, IBM, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Intel, Microsoft, Pivotal, Twitter, Salesforce, AT&T Stumbleupon, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook etc. Android developers has good demand in market. You can seek number of opportunities for seeking career in Android development companies.

Career Opportunities:

 After finishing this course, professionals with Android App skills have better opportunity and their demand has been on stead rise this year. You can check for Android developer salary.

Android Development Training Course Curriculum:

1. Introduction to Android course

Goal Set:In this module you learn android development overview, importance of Android, Features, and also the latest Android 5.0 (Lollipop) in detailed.

Topics: Introduction of android development tutorial, Overview, Importance, Features, and Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Android development tools, Versions and Levels.

2. Setting up the Environment

Goal Set:After completion of this android development tutorial module, you will be in a position to work best Android development environment, App Development Procedure, creation of the Hello World project and introduction to Gradle.

Topics: Introduction: android development guide, Setting up the environment, App Development Procedure, Development Toolkit setup – Studio, AVD and SDK Manager, Creating a ‘Hello World’ project and introduction to Gradle.

3. Android Architecture

Goal Set:In this android programming tutorial module to learn android development tutorial you can understand more in detailed on the Architecture, Linux Katalyst Global Solution, Application’s Compile Time and Runtime behavior, building blocks of an app in detail.

Topics: Introduction: Stack, Linux Katalyst Global Solution, Android Runtime VM in 5.0+, App’s Compile Time and Runtime behavior, Building Blocks of an app.

4. User Interface

Goal Set:At the end of this android programming tutorial module, you need to understand about structure, UI Events, Toast, creation of dialogs, UI components.

Topics: Android project structure, View Hierarchy and Layouts (detailed) Dips and SPS, UI Events, Building Menus/Action Bar, Notifying Users – Toast, Creating dialogs, Spinners, Other UI Components, Intents,tools for android development.

5. Data Storage

Goal Set:At the end of this module you need to understand about shared preferences, Storage files, content providers and SQLite.

Topics: Shared Preferences, Internal/External Storage, Storage(Files), SQLite Databases, Content Providers.

6. Running in Background

Goal Set:By the end of this Android programming tutorial module, you have to understand about Asynctask, broadcast Receivers and services.

Topics: AsyncTask, Services, Broadcast Receivers.

7. Telephony APIs

Goal Set:At the end of this Android programming tutorial module understand about how to check availability, make a call, listen to incoming calls and SMS details.

Topics: Checking for availability, Make a call, Listen to incoming call state changes, Send an sms, Listen to incoming sms.

8. Android Media

Goal Set:By the end of this Android programming tutorial module, you need to understand about Playing of Audio, video, media recording, camera API and face detection.

Topics: Playing Audio/Video, Media Recording, Camera API and face detection.

9. Graphics and Animation

Goal Set:In this Android programming tutorial module you need to understand about graphics, activity, property animations, Android 5.0 material design and compound drawables.

Topics: Android Graphics, Compound Drawables, Activity Animations, Property Animations, Android 5.0 Material Design.

10. Advanced UI

Goal Set:By the end of this Android development tutorial module you need to understand this professional Android development training program, about webviews, fragments, Google maps & location and list views.

Topics: Efficient ListViews, WebViews, Fragments, Google Maps & Location based services.

11. Networking

Goal Set:In this Android programming tutorial module you need to understand about consuming web services using HTTP and parsing of JSON data.

Topics: Consuming Web Services Using HTTP and Parsing JSON data.

12. Sensors

Goal Set:By the end of this Android development tutorial module you need to be in a position to work for Android development tutorial, Gyroscope and Accelerometer.

Topics: Accessing device Sensors, Accelerometer, Gyroscope.

Android Developer tutorial Demo Class Recording

Welcome, To Android programming tutorial

How it Works?

  1. This course with Instructor led live and Interactive Sessions.
  2. This course contains Practical Work involving Practical Hands-on, Lab Assignments, and Real World Case Studies. This practical work can be done at your own pace. online android development Training is led by instructor. You will also have access to Android programming tutorial, PDF.
  3. You will have access to 24×7 Technical Support. You can request for assistance for any problem you might face or for any clarifications you may require during the course.
  4. At the end of Android developer tutorial, you will have to work on a Project. You will receive a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate on the successful completion of this project. We also help you with android development tutorial and Android development training. You can take maximum benefit from this Android OS course. Android development step by step tutorial is also a part of LMS.
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