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Learn - IOS

Introduction to iOS Application Development
  • Understanding iOS App Structure and Development
  • Mobile Development Overview
  • iOS Development Environment (Xcode 4 (integrated Interface Builder), iPhone/iPad Simulator, etc.)
  • Key iOS App Patterns
  • Applications: iDecide, InstaEmail
  • Concepts: Objective-C, Interface Builder (IBOutlet, IBActions), Frameworks (UIKit,Foundation, etc.), UI Design for Mobile Applications (Usage patterns, UI Examples, AppTypes, Apple HIG), iOS Patterns (Datasource, Delegate, MVC)
Objective-C, Data Persistence, Multiview Applications
  • Selling your application (App Store, Approval Process, Analytics, Sales models, etc.)
  • Understanding Objective-C
  • Memory management (reference counting)
  • Instruments and static code analysis
  • Data Persistence patterns
  • Creating and using Plists
  • Advanced persistence with Core Data
  • Multiview Application patterns
  • Navigation Controllers, Table Views
  • Applications: Drink Mixer, iBountyHunter (Part 1)
  • Concepts: Objective-C, Memory management, UINavigationController, UITableViews,
    UITabBar, Plist access, Core Data, Application release and sales, iOS Keyboard support
Advanced Frameworks, Studentís choice
  • Using Core Location for location information
  • MapKit integration and support
  • Image capture with the Camera
  • Accelerometer usage
  • iPad App patterns and controllers
  • Gesture recognition
  • Threading
  • Leveraging UIWebView
  • NUI (Natural User Interface) for iPad
  • Student selected topics
  • Applications: iBountyHunter (Part 2), Remember This Spot, ZombieRemote
  • Concepts: Advanced framework integration, custom control UIs, universal applications,UIGestureRecognizer, Split view controller, Popover controls, MapKit customization
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