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Learn - PHP

About PHP Programming:

Learn PHP, which is a most used free source general purpose scripting language, which best suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. We provide best sources along with a real time examples, on each topic to cover the every module in detail. katalyst technologies deliver training from a industrial experts to get hands on experience on the PHP programming.

PHPMyAdmin is a free source tool written in PHP to handle the administration of MySQL or MariaDB with the use of a web browser. PHP is a powerful tool and server scripting language for creating a dynamic and interactive Web pages. The main focus of scripts is generally to enhance the performance or perform routine tasks for an application. PHP programming is best suited to server side web development, in this case PHP generally runs on a web server.

PHP scripts can be utilize in 3 ways in different areas such as server-side scripting, command line scripting, and writing desktop applications. Server-side scripting can run the web server with a connected PHP installation and it can be executed on users’ home machines. On the Command line scripting, you can make PHP script to run it without any server or browser. And, the scripts can be written in a simple text process. From PHP Tutorial for beginners participants can also learn as how to write desktop applications with graphic user interface(GUI).

PHP is a hypertext pre-processor, an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. It can perform any task that any CGI program can do and is compatible with many types of databases. Another big advantage of PHP is the scripting language can work across networks using IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, or HTTP. These features have enabled its existence online to work on dynamic web pages. In order to learning PHP online, katalyst technologies has designed PHP online course to upgrade your real time analytics knowledge and skills of this course.

PHP Training Target:

  • Understanding ofphp programming, Object Oriented Programming Systems, PHP script.
  • Learn the basics of world wide web, and History.
  • Role-play of client/ server in working environment.
  • Learn PHP basics, PHP Constants, Expressions, Operators, PHP Control Structures, PHP Loops.
  • Learn PHP Arrays and different forms in it by this PHP course online.
  • How to create Form, PHP Handling.
  • Understand MyAdmin, MySQL, and Logical Operators.
  • Learn PHP to write Joins, Complex SQL queries, full text search.

PHP Training Targeted Audience:

The PHP online classes are applicable to every individual who wants to get into webpage developing.

PHP Programming Prerequisites:

TO learn PHP online training course participants must have prior knowledge of HTML.

PHP Training Format:

  • Training at katalyst technologies will be instructor-led lecture and discussion.
  • The PHP online training course will end with hands-on lab experience along with project completion.
  • Certification of the course after successful completion of quiz.
  • PHP training videos.
  • PHP tutorial for Beginners

PHP Programming Course Curriculum:

1. Introduction to OOPS

Goal set:After completion of this module, you will be able to understand about OOPS in detail.

Topics: Introduction & Details : Object Oriented Programming System, OOPS.

2. Introduction to www, History

Goal set:In the end of the module learn PHP code online, you can understand the basics of world wide web, and history in an understandable manner.

Topics: Introduction & Details: www, History.

3. Understanding client/server roles

Goal set:By the end of the module, you can grasp about client, and server roles in depth.

Topics: Basics & Understanding: Client, Server roles, Apache, MySQL, XAMPP Installation.

4. PHP

Goal set:After the completion of the module, you can get to know the basics of PHP, data types, variables, expressions, operators, and loops with practical examples in the lab.

Topics: Definition & Details : Basic syntax, PHP data Types, PHP Variables, PHP Constants, PHP Expressions, PHP Operators, Control Structures, PHP Loops.

5. PHP Arrays

Goal set:In this module, you can make distinctively on PHP enumerated arrays, PHP associative arrays, PHP Enumerated Arrays, PHP Associative Arrays, Array Iteration, PHP Multidimensional Arrays, and Array Functions clearly.

Topics:Definition & Explanation: enumerated arrays, associative arrays,  Enumerated Arrays, Associative Arrays, Array Iteration, Multidimensional Arrays, and Array Functions.

6. PHP Variables

Goal Set: In the end of the module, you will be given complete information on PHP functions, arguments, return values, variable scope.

Topics: Introduction & Explanation: PHP Functions, Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Pass by Value & Pass by references, Return Values, Variable Scope, PHP include(), PHP require().

7. PHP Form

Goal set:In this module you will be able to understand on PHP forms and its santization effectively.

Topics: Definition & Explanation: PHP Form handling, PHP GET, PHP POST, PHP Form Validation, PHP Form Sanitization.

8. PHP Handling

Goal Set: After completion of the module, you can realize the importance of cookie handling, session handling, logins and managing user ACL in detail.


Goal Set:At the end of the module, you can learn about strings, patterns, searching, replacing and formatting PCRE.

10. PHP MyAdmin

Goal set:After completion of the module, you can analyze database, indexes, and PHP MyAdmin.

Topics: Basics & Explanation: Database basics, Indexes, PHP MyAdmin

11. MySQL

Goal Set: At the end of the module, you can make use of SQL in the selection, updation, deletion, truncate, and drop.

Topics: Basics & Explanation: MySQL Select, MySQL, Update, MySQL Delete, MySQL Truncate, MySQL Drop

12. Logical Operators

Goal set:After completion of the module, you can conduct practice labs easily on WHERE condition, Order By, Group By,  Having, LIKE, AND OR operators .

13. SQL Functions

Goal Set: By the end of this module you can learn to make use of SQL functions, arithmetic computations, such as, summation, cases as well.

Topics: Using SQL functions AVG, COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, LCASE, UCASE

14. Importing and Exporting CSV Files

Goal set:After the completion of the module, you can understand as how to import and export CSV files.

Topics: Introduction & Explanation: Importing and Exporting CSV files.


Goal set:After the completion of the module, you can analyze and work upon inner join, MySQL left joins, and MySQL right joins.

Topics: Introduction & Details: INNER Join, MySQL LEFT Joins, MySQL RIGHT Joins,

16. omplex SQL Queries, Full Text Search

Goal Set: In this module you can learn about complex SQL queries, and full text search in detail.

Topics:Basics & Details:  Complex SQL Queries, Full Text Search

17. HTML

Goal set:After the completion of the module, you will be able to create HTML tags, creation of tables, and managing home page in detail.

Topics: Introduction to HTML, HTML Tags, Creating Forms, Creating tables, Managing home page

18. CSS

Goal Set: By the end of this module, you get familiarized to CCS, properties, and working with Templates completely.

Topics: Introduction to CSS, Three ways to use CSS, CSS Properties, Designing website, Working with Templates.

19. Java Script

Goal Set: By the end of this module, you will get a complete exposure of Javascript, and understand working with events, and client-side validation.

Topics: Introduction to Javascript, Three ways to use Javascript, Working with events, Client-side Validation

20. JQuery

Goal set:By the end of this module, you will be taught with JQuery introductory, JQuery forms, and along with examples.

Topics: Introduction to JQuery, Validation using JQuery, JQuery Forms, JQuery Examples

21. AJAX

Goal set:After the completion of the module, get a complete knowledge of AJAX, PHP with AJAX, and creation of sample websites.

Topics: Introduction to AJAX, PHP with AJAX, Working with database, Creating sample website

Lab Infrastructure:

Our Lab is fully equipped with latest infrastructure with Power 6 and IBM X-series dual Xeon Based servers, EMC clarion, Netapp Unified Storage, Brocade FC switches, Cisco FC switches, Cisco L4 switch, and all the servers are integrated with SAN. All the servers are monitored by Nagios monitoring agent with OTRS ticketing system. All the students will have an individual access to the servers through thin clients remotely. Students will be exposed to the real time scenarios through which they can get good exposure on the subject. To help the student in their practice sessions, there will be lab faculties available all the time.

We provide:

  • Resume Preparation.
  • Placement Assistance.
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